Sharp Brain

By  Speedster Games

Released:20 Jul 2016
Version: 1.0
Installs: 0-100
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Ohh, I just hate to write description for games, can you please just try it? I am just kidding ;) Playing the game each day helps you develop your brain skills, with enjoyable and funny tests in 5 main categories: Logic, Visual, Focus, Math & Memory. Each of these has about 4 different games. The games are creatives, targeted for all ages (try them with your kids and you will see the results quickly than you thought). The application has also some mind trick games, inspired from the famous NatGeo TV show "Brain Games". Features: The app has 3 different test modes: 1. Complete Test: Here where you will get a test for each of the 5 categories, you will be limited by the time, so you should response as fast as you can. At the end, you will get your Brain Chart with results of how you did for each test. 2. Training: You can replay games you already got test in them and got also a good score, you can replay them in a training mode, so you will not be limited by the time. This will help you build your brain skills. Once you feel the power of your new skills, get some tests to see how you are doing. You can always skip hard tests by purchasing some stars you got from the complete test. 3. Special Tests: You will get some mind tricks - just for fun :) What you are waiting for, we provide to you this app for FREE! So be Smart, be Focused, Live Fully, Love Openly, and Make a Difference Today! If We Satisfied You Then Talk About Us, If We Didn't Then Talk To Us :)


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