BasketBall Shooter

By  ncfrank88

Released:20 Jul 2016
Version: 2.8
Installs: 1001-5000
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Do you want to become a great shooter? Let's play this fun game! BasketBall Shooter is a fun physics based game. You have to drag and pull to shoot basketball in correct places and solve the puzzles. Good luck! Check your skills at handling balls by reaching top score through progressively harder levels and mazes! You will be enabled to use your best skills as well as to enjoy wonderful game world. Recommended for fans of : "Bubble Shoot", "Bubble Shooter","Frozen Bubble","Zuma","Angry Birds" and "Fruit Ninja Free"


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cupcakelover1012013-20-08 06:11:14

is it hard

MARTY2013-13-04 07:30:37

I am playing basketball today at 8:00 clock

zanna2013-24-01 08:02:57

this is a odd game

k-man2013-17-01 11:05:10

how is. this. so. hard. its. so. easy

msmb69772013-16-01 01:02:09

how it hard?

monse13042013-14-01 03:47:14

it is hard

christopher :-P 2013-12-01 04:09:20

hard on tablet

iwitusername1232013-04-01 09:47:05