99 Arcade Bubbles

By  hkfrankhk

Released:27 Oct 2014
Version: 1.0
Installs: 0-100
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Classic arcade bubble is coming, are you ready? The rule of this game is very simple, we just tap the fire button to destroy the bubbles and break them into smaller bubbles, and clear all the bubbles as many as we can within 99 arrows. We can move the little monster by title device left and right, shooting arrows by tapping fire button. But the game will be over after the arrows number is zero, or the little monster dies. So carefully time our shots to destroy the bubbles while avoiding contact with them. Meanwhile, there may be power up items after bubbles are broken, we can eat them as soon as possible. Because they can help us increase the number of life score, and arrow number. Sounds like exciting, right? Are you ready for breaking all the bubbles? Download it and beat those bubbles. Only 99 arrows can be shot, come to challenge. Features: -Only 99 arrows, very exciting -Lovely monster, more funny -Colorful bubbles and many power up items


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