2math Cubes

By  2math

Released:18 Jun 2014
Version: 1.4
Installs: 0-100
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2Math cubes is for those ,who love mathematics or want to love it! By interested and funny way you will improve your basic math abilities. Main goal is to put 3 or more cubes together so them sum, subtraction, multiplication or division is equal to the one on right. 2+3=5 or 5-3=2 -There are jokers available to help you out in hard situations. -Plenty of options. -Full history in game. -Unlimited save & load games. -3 different types of game free,custom and progress. Free game is basic game ,perfect to begin and learn. Custom game is what you get from free game plus a lot of extras.You can make your game a lot harder ,interesting and by your needs. In options you can add time, bricks, bombs, multi cubes, changers, jumpers, smokers, diamonds, empty and question cubes,for now. Progress game! Like it's name your game is in progress.You will have to pass trough levels and reaching goals.99 levels! After every level there is a bonus level which is an equation with 4 answers.Every level is getting harder and harder.Anything that you can use from custom game is here, but extras are turning on in progress by the game. The game is Free(ad supported). Permissions are used only for Ad platforms. If you have any suggestions or criticism,write me at 2math@mail.bg Enjoy the game and have fun!


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