The game of the Goose

By  zeporisto

Released:17 Mar 2016
Version: 1.0.3
Installs: 0-100
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Now it is seen as a classic race game, you throw the dice and move gradually into the end of the board with various obstacles along the way. This is all about luck rather than strategy. The rules of the game. The object is to be the first person to reach to the end of the journey. Roll the dice and move your counter one square for each spot on the dice. Then it is the next player's turn unless one of these things happens: If your piece lands on a square where there is a figure of a goose, you go to the next goose, and you'll roll the dice again. If you land on the bridge, go to the other bridge automatically. If you you land on the well, or the prison, now miss two turns. If you land on dead, black square, you have to go back to square 1 and start all over again! To win you must reach final square exactly. If your dice roll is more than you need then you move in to final square and then bounce back out again, each spot on the dice is still one square in this move. If you land on any of the special squares while you are doing this then you must follow the normal instructions. When you land on final exactly you are the winner! The game of the goose is very addictive. Enjoy!!!


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