Flipt - a spatial memory game.

By  jlewis53

Released:10 Mar 2016
Version: 1.8
Installs: 0-100
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Flipt Memory Game is intended to improve your memory. Learn your best method for memorizing abstract items. Each level is created using a six sided die with a unique shape on each face. Nine dice are used for each level and are rotated until they form a unique pattern. Memorize the pattern in 10 seconds or less. The dice are randomly rotated to randomize the pattern. How quickly can you rotate the dice to recreate the pattern? This memory game encourages you to identify familiar patterns to make memorization easier. Memory games that encourage pattern identification and pattern memorization utilize the spatial memory. Spatial memory is used for things such as remembering where car keys were last seen and other abstract memories. Spatial memory is also used in academic tasks such as geometry. It is also used for things such as being a good eyewitness and observation such as facial recall. Help exercise and improve your memory in a fun way by playing the Flipt Memory Game.


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