101 in 1 Games

By  Nordcurrent

Released:23 Jan 2014
Version: 1.3.30
Installs: >10000
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This game is a collection of 133 games in 1 app! Top #10 game on iTunes AppStore in the Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK and many other countries!!! 133 games for all tastes in one pack! Puzzle games, fast paced arcade action, racing, sports, cooking, shooting, sudoku and many many more! This collection is enough to satisfy all your gaming needs! Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Swedish, Bahasa Malaysia, Portuguese, Korean, Norwegian and Chinese. Subscribe to www.youtube.com/Nordcurrent for new videos and trailers! Join us at www.facebook.com/Nordcurrent to participate in our competitions, win prizes and have fun!


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benagemini19612015-14-12 09:32:18

I like these games, good job!

smackk2014-24-03 10:36:40


bethndan2014-02-02 03:48:17

easy game

mistymay2014-14-01 01:35:29

love it

mammie hunter2013-28-12 01:19:30

some games I really liked but some I didn,t care for

dswager2013-24-10 09:41:00

I hope this game is good

greenOOs2013-07-09 06:56:26


mcoaston2013-06-09 05:14:24

this is easy to play for all ages

melpie12182013-24-08 06:38:24

so many games

cjIamcj2013-24-08 03:42:33


cputman2013-14-08 09:39:08

you have great games

juan7122013-13-08 06:31:40

I lo

missD2013-05-08 03:32:56

this game has a lot of different games to challenge myself as well as my kids. bring on more games

malaniboy2013-27-07 08:42:57

this game is a good game because there is point thing that gives you free apps for your points like apps that have to pay for is for some of your apps

cianna.webb2013-21-07 02:32:44

its kinda slow and needs better games

alexagaither1236542013-20-07 07:16:31

I like it

packrat71719602013-03-07 09:56:34

the game goose back were

tabbyg2092013-26-06 07:39:32

this game is cool I ant get it nut I looks sick

tabbyg2092013-26-06 07:39:31

this game is cool I ant get it nut I looks sick

desiree22092013-26-06 04:28:41


slayer2013-19-06 12:24:25

esta chido

jerry,rose2013-10-06 05:27:35

great game

tigerp52013-25-05 12:40:55

love your games

byris2013-24-05 03:08:33

thank you

gabygaga2013-01-05 12:56:18

it not that big of a deal but it is okay :)

nisiuslori2013-29-04 05:07:24

great games

dianis gonzalez2013-27-04 02:49:26

I love it a lot

ramonamanu2013-22-04 12:02:34

I love it

smo2013-20-04 01:24:17

love it

Alaisha Mathis2013-17-04 04:35:02

I love is game soo awesome

nickicullison2013-16-04 10:59:51

great game

alexagaither2013-03-04 04:27:20

this is the best game ever :-)

alexagaither2013-03-04 04:26:10


jelio2013-02-04 04:42:36

this is the best game

kristi19762013-02-04 04:39:37

I love this app. so many games. I just want to keep playing to unlock more games

jelio2013-02-04 04:35:46

I do like this game

israel orbe2013-31-03 11:40:32


lilpoo2013-31-03 01:45:27

the game is great

graceytracy20132013-25-03 06:12:28

huge variety of games, hours of fun, no crashes! Awesome.

niyah426902013-21-03 07:11:03

good games

william082013-20-03 04:25:40

awsome game

tt2baad2013-18-03 08:41:14

so far so good I like it:-)

pqrestuvwxyz2013-23-02 12:39:47

I'ts really fun

rubyredz 2013-21-02 06:37:42

this is awesome

girlygab06062013-20-02 09:51:18


valerie6302013-17-02 09:25:36

the coolest game here its the best I've played on my tablet

Elier2013-16-02 08:15:38

pongan juegos chidos como los de google play

cherryblossomfantasy2013-24-01 03:24:49

awsome game. :-)

crewslj2013-24-01 12:23:48

so cool

2222222013-20-01 12:38:55

this game ia awsome like out of this world

demons9182013-18-01 11:36:45

great game of games to play

akbell2002 2013-17-01 12:14:35


packrat71719602013-13-01 05:19:39

verry cool

packrat71719602013-13-01 05:19:05

verry. cool

packrat71719602013-13-01 05:18:39

verry. cool

Arealwifey2013-13-01 12:23:22


donald 2013-10-01 11:34:26

good game keeps me happy

tigerp52013-02-01 09:30:09

cool game

tigerp52013-02-01 09:29:32

cool game

tigerp52013-02-01 09:28:42

cool game ya. lol

tmvonholt2013-01-01 03:36:03


jacksonkris911782012-31-12 11:57:56

great for passing time

magisticalrose2012-18-12 07:53:26

its great

BigWhitey2012-18-12 04:35:49

This is one of the best app I have downloaded

snickers46552012-13-12 11:17:39

the game is very good and easily played

brookewhite2012-11-12 06:10:54

very fun game:-)

dams182012-04-12 01:02:48


keketueur182012-04-12 11:54:16


pi2012-21-11 03:42:14


pi2012-21-11 03:40:01


pi2012-20-11 06:03:10


pi2012-20-11 06:02:35


mrspatterson2012-19-11 01:36:07

love this game

REMI2012-11-11 03:50:24


erica:-) 2012-04-11 04:42:50

awsome:-) :-D

tasia1232012-27-10 07:01:16

its is funn

mgshaf2012-25-10 06:31:05

this game is really fun and very time consuming! some games may be slighty difficult for some people though

alex7aguilar2012-25-10 01:42:46


jazzmine1232012-21-10 05:16:30

its challenging

timmy012012-09-10 10:34:04


Sitrana2012-30-09 12:36:31

super fun

milpa2012-27-09 02:17:19

great games

lilbadadamary2012-18-09 11:55:19

i love this game but its hardd..

timmy350732012-11-09 11:05:47


cbarlow782012-02-09 06:22:27

great for kids. lots of variety.

tiersak902012-30-08 04:20:21

easy games

twandtke84 2012-28-08 03:54:13

I like that there is many diff. games

Sitrana2012-14-08 08:37:44

at firt I toht that it wase just a stupid game dan I playd the game and it was awsome:-)

tonio98642012-08-08 05:22:45

I like this game

ajdiaz782012-26-07 04:45:03


Lol girl2012-25-07 08:06:51

love it

yusef issa2012-19-07 10:55:47


nyleve492012-24-06 03:48:21

I love it

mari132012-21-06 06:47:26

esta cool

mari132012-21-06 06:46:18


derling972012-17-06 03:18:44

este juego es chobo

tmonet142012-14-06 02:37:30

only game yu can ever need

filippo19892012-12-05 09:59:58

exellent game

mickj642012-20-04 05:52:15

lot of fun games for old ages

babygirl19742012-05-04 02:43:58

these games are the best

phills2012-31-03 09:57:13

cool game

simonepanozzo2012-28-03 10:44:12


chikecy2012-09-03 02:18:25

lots of fun games.

wildone2012-03-03 03:38:30


kayceejones2012-03-03 06:09:51

just started playin not bad....

Kokan2012-14-02 02:55:06

superb game

Raisa2012-11-02 06:20:07

Its a great game!

etter1232011-27-12 10:36:11