Soc.io Mall

By  Soc.io Mall

Released:15 Apr 2016
Version: 3.1
Installs: >10000
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Newest version improvements: - Less Ads for smooth usability. - Why stop on android? HTML5 games section added! Extra fun. Great new sections: - Google Picks Section included - Top downloaded - Top Rated - New releases - LOTS of top quality games Version 3.0: New Soc.io version is here. It will make your life easier from the previous version in many ways. New functionalities: - Unbreakable download (Click download, and do something else. Soc.io will pop up the app install screen - no need to jump through hoops like before) - French language support - Moves faster now - Ads help us getting improved and get in new apps for you - Flat re-skin and new logo :) NOTE: Please update so you can make use of our new Soc.io Mall Web version coming this March! Your old version will not be able to access Soc.io Mall after March 20th! HELP: If you cannot update - Go to Settings -> Apps -> Soc.io Mall - > Clear cache & Force-Stop. Run Soc.io again and update. ZEKI users: We are aware of the login issue! This is NOT Soc.io Mall fault, but we found a way for you to fix it. Please find instructions here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fj1863qchvjxbwg/AADPMSgEBascZIzRl3ENUK9aa?dl=0


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http://youtu.be/IQADXYnfpM02016-11-09 01:07:43

tros bien

tamatan1672016-22-06 11:25:18


anonymushacker9112016-07-06 01:09:42

la migliore app

futurewilson2014-23-02 05:13:49

future says this is a beautiful sunday. i hope you all enjoy it.

vicki lynn howard2014-20-02 06:10:46

if u want it !get it ! try it !RATE it!

Sheilat.sb2014-07-02 01:19:24

needs more apps that will interchange w/Google.

Carlos Cruz Hernandez2014-27-01 03:55:37


roxannehugues75@gmail.com2014-26-01 08:49:13

HEY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

charles johnson2014-21-01 05:59:39

hey looking for chat friends.

jeeperscreepersfox2014-19-01 06:54:35

its OK

jeeperscreepersfox2014-19-01 06:53:52

yeah its oj

LINDA VAUGHAN2014-16-01 04:47:17

My birthday is March 14

a.holder2013-20-12 04:36:23

can I have some of these?

Joanna munos2013-20-12 05:00:24

hello everyone what is this app i just got my tablet newbeeee

dianna marie2013-04-12 02:24:26

very nice

abod abod2013-01-12 08:06:25


sweetstinky2013-19-11 12:59:53


livylove2013-10-11 11:46:06


livylove2013-10-11 11:45:26

lame as crap dnt download

oyana2013-04-11 11:03:32


Connie G.2013-26-10 09:22:02

why can't I uninstall socio mall after its been put on and won't let me downlod things I want?

honeyscorb2013-21-10 09:32:57


Imrealmary2013-11-10 03:07:43

incomplete games.. has no temple run

mg7001282013-08-10 11:59:02


ChefShit2013-20-09 04:18:56

I can't find any af my favorite game why can't do it

Kalei 2013-15-09 08:33:48

this is awsome

HaileyW2013-06-09 06:30:36

Cant find the apps that were installed

anthony126802013-27-08 11:52:19

I get all my apps here

ROBY1602013-17-08 09:03:58

you need to intall

gomezjose2013-17-08 12:59:25

I downloaded games too and I can't find them

livylove2013-15-08 04:57:28


Brownsuger552013-15-08 05:36:00

i rated it a 2 because u need more apps

wwecandicemichelle20132013-16-07 02:40:50

how did I get this?!

akthomas782013-08-07 01:43:32

I've downloaded games, but can't find them!!! Very upset!!!

Blueivy3672013-06-07 04:40:01

this is bullcrap it don't have an instagram and kikster mann..................

jer2les32013-14-06 07:09:25

need help to load on tablet.

dramey78.dr2013-14-06 01:26:41

need help getting this to work on tablet .

dramey78.dr2013-14-06 01:25:43

I cannot get this to work on my tablet but this is the preloaded app. please help me.

xiongliang642013-13-06 08:38:58

very good

awesome452013-12-06 02:38:29


Blueivy36 2013-05-06 07:45:54


Blueivy36 2013-05-06 07:40:41

how do this work??????????????? cuz see I'm confuse???????????????????????????

Blueivy36 2013-05-06 07:38:21

this is sooooooooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pink girl2013-22-05 12:55:28

same thing here metalfist

tudaman2013-21-05 04:39:11

I can't dwnload the thing I want

spiniga2013-19-05 01:25:03

its good

shasha092013-17-05 04:39:43

I maybe like it

Metalfist2013-20-04 04:43:32

I dislike the fact that this app store shows pictures of it being a good appstore, and yet, it doesn't ave any of the basic apps that an app store for android usually has. I was so excited to get an android tablet for christmas, and SP disappointed that this is the only app store that I can get on it.

Mariss46642013-13-04 11:42:44

how gross, why would there be porn apps anyways, porn is for perverts....hate that shit!!!

shelby1232013-04-04 03:33:00

I do nôoooooot want this stupid thing people r stupid to get it if I had a chose to get killed or get this I would chose to get killed :-) :-) ....#$%&&$%%$&&**%%#%$$$

sadischavez2013-02-04 06:43:29

I want angry birds buttttttttt

sadischavez2013-02-04 06:42:48


Caleb 2013-28-03 04:41:26

so not awsome

bcarwyle2013-23-03 09:25:34

Im glad I have this so I can I have alot of games and books....... :-) ...... I love my peeps

kudu1232013-12-03 09:38:14


arden_n 2013-11-03 03:55:14


preciado2013-08-03 06:28:24

it Figglehorn

jaycie152013-17-02 04:12:48

its alright not the best!

Caleb 2013-12-02 03:45:58

this app is something I havnt tried yet?

tyler405502013-29-01 10:46:51

um how do I put app on my tablit I downloded it but were do I download to divise at?

dae2013-27-01 05:34:10


mz.bozzy2013-22-01 06:24:34

it is pretty cool like foreal bro

trace18181@hotmail.com2013-20-01 10:48:49


trace18181@hotmail.com2013-20-01 10:48:22


alanah2013-20-01 03:15:26

I like this game

Angela89102013-17-01 11:29:57

this is cool

islam2013-17-01 09:41:32


islam2013-17-01 09:41:11


kat0602 2013-13-01 02:37:21

it has No games up toe date

kaylynnfields12013-12-01 06:36:31

i have no prob. just go to the app shop,top right corner,humen,click,the apps you downloded from this app will be under the icon tath has the word web in it.this is an awsome app.

lopezjor2013-08-01 10:55:19

it ok I like it:-$

Hannah12013-07-01 07:01:02

I <3 it

siannawilson2013-07-01 12:18:24

would probaby be great if it worked !!

haylee dashee2013-05-01 06:35:25

I can't get apps

kaybay2013-05-01 02:07:24

cant get it to work

joseph soto1232013-04-01 10:12:53

I like you ladys

tytan2013-04-01 03:38:05

I can't find out how to get into it

dabill2013-04-01 01:09:34

great choices ease of use a great work in progress

thais23452013-01-01 01:48:30

do not work. try to open it and nothin

Janell102012-31-12 05:23:19

soc.ol mall is awsome

shantina 2012-31-12 04:53:09

why we can't download nothing

avad2012-29-12 09:49:14


nathali2012-29-12 06:24:24

muchos poblemas

sabrinamichelle072012-28-12 04:45:10

this sucks¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡

szabo2012-28-12 02:25:42

can't rate it because the only thing that has worked so far is the ratings. Are there even any apps on here?? Haven't seen one yet!!

Jai 2012-28-12 05:42:32

I can't rate it because it won't function properly!

stirado10106162012-28-12 03:54:53

Doesent work at all!!! fix it mabey ?!!!!!!?!?!?

youngkingzaa3332012-27-12 08:10:09

Awesome !!!!!<

griffyn2012-24-12 09:48:08

terrible so far

griffyn2012-24-12 09:45:53

terrible so far

turtlebrooks2012-23-12 05:39:08

this sucks balls

Phenominal Women2012-21-12 07:13:16


xterry2012-16-12 07:27:00

ik heb een tablet die niet spelletjes wil downloaden groetjes van femke

Monique 2012-02-12 05:30:41

iIt would be great ifb I culd

er82dg782012-29-11 08:53:20

yay l u

katrina williams2012-17-11 07:03:56

great for play

katrina williams2012-17-11 07:03:26

my favorites

alien2012-16-11 12:52:02

this iz rubbish cant download apps

brianna tripp2012-15-11 07:08:39

never works for me

manuel19442012-27-10 09:47:06

I can't download games is not working for me. Tired of trying and tryig!

eldor2012-06-10 08:16:44


serywolk2012-06-09 12:38:32


serywolk2012-16-08 08:11:16


rice2012-05-07 05:59:31

this is fun

alshan2012-05-07 02:09:26


alshan2012-05-07 02:09:11


alshan2012-05-07 02:08:57


alshan2012-05-07 01:49:25


kingjr2012-23-06 10:35:13

I like it but not that much

homgirl38932012-19-06 06:11:44

it fun

aungkyawkhine(1)2012-16-06 09:28:05


aliciaboast242012-15-06 12:19:31

Angelicaboast. sabrina. v. czf fff

justkelly2012-03-06 01:24:44

i like

fiona2012-31-05 11:53:27


johanna2012-26-05 10:37:15

his dowing error

horacio95732012-23-05 07:36:52

No se instala el update... que basura

Gwennie2012-20-05 04:29:04

t h x

rose22442012-20-05 01:01:28

needes updateing

inntharlay2012-17-05 07:35:51

help me

aovalle2012-17-05 04:57:43


mark.gutrer2012-09-05 02:33:54


maycel jacson2012-08-05 11:31:37


maycel jacson2012-08-05 11:30:19


baze.todorova2012-07-05 03:01:13


rcvencio2012-05-05 02:44:12

should.provide app updates

Seed2012-03-05 03:13:01


Elena2012-27-04 03:35:04


falko endtmann2012-26-04 11:28:55


vipulverma12342012-26-04 01:14:39

Good app

askinayath 2012-26-04 12:32:43

good app

etheralhawk2012-26-04 02:03:58

amazing app!!!!!

MehDi.BagheBan2012-22-04 04:48:43

i love it

fezevallos2012-22-04 04:18:13

great app love it

sairohitshyam2012-21-04 02:09:20

its awesome!!!!!!!!

eeekica@hotmail.com2012-19-04 11:36:39


eeekica@hotmail.com2012-19-04 11:36:37


baze.todorova2012-19-04 02:49:02


Elena2012-19-04 02:48:11


Elena2012-19-04 02:48:08


Kamil Blaha2012-17-04 09:17:58

Hi, this app works very slowly on LG OO with A2.3! Please, make new release. Please, add option to see apps and updates added during last 30 days - it is very strange to see new apps. Thanks.

iamcaboose12012-26-03 12:45:59

its great but it just needs more apps

pebbles172012-05-03 09:02:02

beautiful great this so crazy hahaha

vcarp2012-28-02 03:21:44


rlem 2012-12-02 06:24:39

how do i exit soc.io

derek01122012-10-02 02:29:52

should be good.where is apps for android-x86

tinamen2012-29-01 11:49:49


donny2012-18-01 02:35:55

very good apps

crittymonster2012-01-01 07:37:28


sslyk2011-29-12 12:48:31

seems to be funny

udemeekpenyong 2011-27-12 02:38:11

very good applications. udemeekpenyong.

johnghilg2011-19-12 02:42:31


Sepehr2011-15-12 06:02:16

very nice

الملك2011-14-12 11:03:45

fuke its good

valak2011-27-11 03:35:59


Fanny2011-26-11 08:21:00

good shop

flobeezy2011-24-11 08:27:16


ibm09334088692011-21-11 11:58:37


freestyler952011-21-10 05:16:38

Absolutely destroys Android Marketplace for people using Tablets.

chr0nic2011-08-10 06:36:52

well nice

hasan1001gasan2011-27-09 03:26:14


hass2011-25-09 03:45:23

very good

faysal2011-22-09 10:50:38


malyan2011-10-09 05:29:55

no problemo

zsm79 2011-10-09 02:02:47

Пожалуйста,указывайте размер и версию всех приложений! Вот тогда Soc.io.Mall будет совершенной!

slpsmile2011-09-09 09:58:51

like a doodle jump game but the raindrop doesnt die. very fun

rocco69er2011-06-09 05:20:20


minhduc4182011-31-08 06:32:18


pebbles172011-31-08 03:19:36


gavelez2011-31-08 05:02:55

good,fast and easy

cbatzencore2011-21-08 09:33:07

nich schlecht in deusch wehre noch viel besser

sokar0092011-30-07 08:31:59


m.e.2011-24-07 09:57:42


summerhizzouse2011-20-07 06:47:12

its ok