100 tiles (free)

By  realgameco

Released:26 Apr 2014
Version: 1.0
Installs: 101-500
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100 Tiles (Free) is a tapping tiles game. Your goal is to keep tapping and try to touch your way to the 100th tile. Special features: It includes multiple colour, black tile, white tile, blue tile, green tile, yellow tile, red tile, pink tile, grey tile and so on. You need to keep tap, tap and tap to make your way and the speed of the tile will increase faster and faster. Can you do it? Behold, It is an addictive fun game and your finger may feel tired after keep tapping for a while. So take a break in between tile tapping session. The rationale of this game is provide you some eye candy and some challenges as it includes many different colour, such as white, black, red, green, yellow colour tile and so on.


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thirstymuch2014-07-06 11:06:13

how do u play this game

The publisher(realgameco) posted the following reply to this comment:

Hi thirstymuch you can tap the tile in sequence Thanks for your download! Happy gaming!