2048 Runner Tiles

By  Aplenocio

Released:13 Jul 2015
Version: 1.0.7
Installs: 0-100
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2048 Runner Tiles is a simple and addictive game that mixes the famous ”2048” with ”Don’t Tap The White Tile” How to play You begin with a tile displaying the number 2, which you must move to the right and left through empty cells. Sort the tiles until you find another with the same number, when they join, they convert into a tile with the number 4 and you continue like this until you get 2048 The game consists of one infinite level, every time you join 2 tiles with the same number you get 1 point, your mission will be to score the maximum number of points keeping in mind that the speed will get faster and faster. Enjoy the game!


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