By  ladyami

Released:21 Feb 2012
Version: 1.1.1
Installs: 1001-5000
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Card is a very popular game in the world. You can see people play the game solitaire nearby. Card game, is well known. Card is a kind of many card games. Game area of 4 recovery unit, 4 available units and a deck of CARDS. When the game begins, card face queuing processing, in eight columns. Recovery unit is located in the top right corner of your screen where the CARDS. You can remove ace immediately recovery unit, then remove the same color of the other CARDS, a big row to ACES. Remove all the CARDS recovery successfully for the unit victory. If you need to remove the card, please click on it and then click you want to remove position. Eliminate card rules are as follows: You can use any face a card level below card in the foundation pile and white color, red and black card. Remove the recovery of the CARDS when the unit, you need to take it level from A to Kathy have the same clothes. Each column can remove the bottom card available unit, another the bottom of the list or recycling equipment. Card can be used unit can move to the bottom of the column or recycling units. Tip: The plan will make more progress. Like playing chess, every movement will affect the game. So you don't have to just remove a card true meaning. You can delete a long column in a different row. Try to open the card at the top of the column. Please put the column that ace or 2 embedding in other card in this column, and remove ace recovery unit relation.


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